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LumineXence, a brand of Mitas Industry, specializing in green products for Smart City, will provide the innovative urban furniture designed by the architect. Giancarlo Zema, equipped with plants for the production of energy from renewable sources, lighting and video surveillance of the Green Islands.



PARKING LumineXence, brand of Siderpali, specialized in green products for Smart City.

The innovative line of products for urban furniture designed by the architect Giancarlo Zema, is characterized by the strong stylistic content, which conveys with extreme clarity the vision of a brand that combines innovation and green technology using energy from renewable sources, lighting with video surveillance and photovoltaic panel, car parking and shading with photovoltaic cover and with charging for electric cars, seats for exterior technological and in innovative materials.


Luminexence offers three types of shelters: Lotus, One Leaf and Nymphea. They are photovoltaic coverage systems designed to be self-sufficient and modular, so as to take different configurations.


Inspired by the lotus flower leaves, the Lotus collection grows in Smart Cities of the Future to generate illumination in an environmentally sustainable way, obtaining from the sun the energy needed to work.


Outdoor seats in UHPC concrete and steel are produced by Luminexence. The UHPC concrete seats are made of a mixture of cement, sand, water and steel fibers, making them resistant to weather and mechanical stress. The steel seats, on the other hand, are made of stainless steel, which makes them resistant to corrosion and weathering.