High mast siderlux CM 35-2

It’s the technological product of excellence for lighting of large areas. It’s composed by a body carrying a compact lighting unit that lends itself to the installation of a top structure to characterize its design. The movement system of the mobile crown allows to carry out the maintenance of the lighting fixtures on the ground, in complete safety and avoiding operations at high altitude. From street lighting of junctions, to the lighting of large areas or parking lots, to lighting of sport venues, this product is characterized by the extreme versatility that allows it to comply the most varied lighting requirements.


L mm SP1 mm SP2 mm  d mm D mm P Kg  S m2 i mm I mm a mm b mm
35000 4 5 240 840 3070 63 1000 2500 500 3500



The body, according to the height of the tower, is made up of several polygonal sections, made out of bent and longitudinally welded steel sheets. The different sections are fitted on site using overlapping joints based on the “slip on joint” method. The body welding process is according to UNI EN ISO 15609 and CNR UNI standards 10011. It should be noted that the welding process provides, unless otherwise specified by the Customer, a penetration of 100% of the slip sections and at least 80% throughout the remaining length. A special opening, equipped with an anti-vandal door, allows access to the equipment, arranged inside the mast, to facilitate the hooking/release movement of the mobile headlight holder crown.

Pulling head
The pulling head with three arms, made of steel sheet or aluminum alloy, is placed at the top of the body and connected to it by flange. The pulling head houses the return pulleys for the suspension ropes of the mobile crown and the power supply cables of the projectors. It also houses the devices to prevent the cables from being derailed or twisted. The pulling head is also equipped with a device for hooking and unhooking the mobile crown.

Mobile crown
The mobile cro­wn is made of steel sheet profiles, or aluminum alloy, in different sizes suitable to support the projectors and the relative electrical equipment as required by the customer. The mobile crown is connected to the suspension cables by means of end links locked using nut and locknut. On the crown is also mounted a special system for fixing the electric power cables for the projectors. On the crown is also mounted the hook/unhook device.

Mobile crown suspension ropes
Three stainless steel ropes, arranged at 120°, in correspondence with the arms of the pulling head, allow the mobile crown movement. The ropes are fixed at one end to the crown and to the other to a collecting device (distributor) that allows the correct tensioning and balancing of the ropes.

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I – Sea coast, II – Cultivated land, III – Suburban areas, IV – Urban areas

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